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Travel Agent

Travel agents arrange trips for people. They first talk to the customers to find out where they want to travel, when, and how much they can spend on the trip. After that, they usually search for information on flights, car rentals, hotels, and cruises. They tell customers what they found out and then they make arrangements based on the customers' decision. Travel agents can plan trips for individuals and for groups of people.

You can advance to become a travel agency manager through a combination of years of several years (4-5) of direct work experience and a Bachelors degree.

Entry-level skills: Four year college degree strongly preferred; excellent verbal and written communication ability and customer service skills; foreign language skills are a plus

Certificate & Diploma Programs
Travel & Tourism

Opportunities Inn (Philadelphia OIC)

Bachelor Degrees
Travel & Tourism

Drexel University-Goodwin College of Professional Studies
Temple University-School of Tourism and Hospitality


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