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Interviewing Skills

Knowing how to present yourself in a job interview is very important when applying for a job. It is important to be prepared to answer and ask certain questions. These websites provide information about interviewing for jobs.

Literacy Link
You need to create a login to use this site, but it is free and easy. If you go to the WES, GED and pre-GED section of the website, you can click on Workplace Essential Skills section and get information on creating a resume, searching for a job, interview skills and much more!

Community College of Philadelphia Career Services webpage
Community college of Philadelphia provides several downloadable pdf files with advice on interviewing, resume writing and writing cover letters.

Resume Help.org
This site provides advice on how to write a cover letter and resume. It also gives interview tips and suggestions about job searching.

Penn State Career Services
This website has downloadable files on interview skills, resume writing and cover letter writing.

Monster career advice.
Has advice on interviewing, writing resumes and applying for jobs.


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