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Teaching Aide

Teachings aides, or TAs, work in schools with educators to help students learn. They can work in elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools. TAs very often provide clerical support for teachers or administration, like keeping attendance records or preparing class handouts.

There are many other kinds of school support jobs available besides clerical jobs. These jobs include: monitoring halls, food service work, and driving school buses.

Entry-level skills: At least a high school diploma or GED, Associate or Bachelor degree preferred; ability to understand and communicate written and verbal instructions; understanding of elementary school curriculum

Click here for information about what you need in order to apply for employment available with the School District of Philadelphia.

Certificate Programs
Youth Service Work

Community College of Philadelphia

Associate Degrees
Early Child Education

Community College of Philadelphia
Delaware County Community College
Harcum College
Montgomery County Community College

Education, Elementary
Community College of Philadelphia

  • Credits should be transferred to a 4-year (Bachelor) degree program upon completion.

  • Bachelor Degrees
    Click here for information on four-year colleges and universities in Philadelphia.


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