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Hotel Desk Clerk

Hotel desk clerks make guests feel welcome at their establishment. They assign rooms and provide them with information about the hotel. They are also responsible for keeping records of guests that stay at the hotel. They should also be knowledgeable about local restaurants, cultural institutions like museums, shopping, and entertainment in the area.

You can advance to be a hotel manager through a combination of years of several years (4-5) of direct work experience and a Bachelors degree.

Entry-level skills: High school diploma or GED; excellent verbal and written communication ability and customer service skills; knowledge of the immediate area where hotel is located; detail-oriented (cash and credit card handling)

Certificate & Diploma Programs
Opportunities Inn (Philadelphia OIC)

Community College of Philadelphia

Bachelor Degrees
Drexel University-Goodwin College of Professional Studies
Temple University-School of Tourism and Hospitality


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