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Home Health Aide

Home health aides care for elderly, recovering, or disabled persons in their own homes. They work with clients on a daily, weekly, or ongoing schedule. They follow doctors', nurses', or therapists' orders when providing care. Home health aides may help clients perform simple exercises or learn how to use braces and artificial limbs. They check vital signs, and may help to administer medication. Aides may help clients get out of bed and to the bathroom, move around outside, and prepare nutritious meals that follow clients' special diets.

In this job, you might have the chance to advance with or without training. Home health aides can move into full nursing with a combination of academic work and experience. There is a lot of room for growth in this career and many jobs are available in all levels of nursing and home health care.

Entry-level skills: High school diploma or GED required, C.N.A. certification required; excellent verbal and written communication ability; specific training in nursing care; upper body strength (to be able to move clients); patience and caring attitude

Certificate & Diploma Programs
HomeCare Associates (HCA)


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