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Food Service Worker Supervisor

Food service supervisors are in charge of managing the people who prepare the food. They tell food preparation workers what tasks they need to do. Part of their job also involves interviewing, training new staff and scheduling people for work shifts. An important part of their job is to make sure there are enough supplies, food, and equipment for everyone to do their job. Food service supervisors may also serve people by doing things like pouring drinks or manning the carving station. With more work experience and a college degree, a food service supervisor can become a manager working in a food market, school, hospital, hotel, or stadium.

Entry-level skills: High school diploma or GED; manual dexterity; ability to follow verbal and written instructions; 2-3 years of experience in food service and preparation; specific training in trade through Associate or Bachelor degree program to advance

Certificate & Diploma Programs
Drexel University-Food Safety Training
Opportunities Inn (Philadelphia OIC)
Orleans Technical Institute

Associate Degrees

The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Community College of Philadelphia

Bachelor Degrees
Click here for information on four-year colleges and universities in Philadelphia.


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