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Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, give care to ill or injured people. EMTs are usually the first on the scene and in many cases, save people's lives before they ever see a doctor. They drive to the scene of emergencies, examine the injured, and record patients' vital signs. They may also talk to other emergency personnel, such as police and fire departments. If patients need more care, EMTs drive them to medical facilities. At the medical center, EMTs transfer patients to the emergency room personnel.

To advance in this job, you will need to be specially training. Ways to advance include becoming a dispatcher, supervisor, operations manager, or instructor. There is often a shortage of EMTs, particularly in large cities, and therefore opportunities for employment and growth are good.

Entry-level skills: High school diploma or GED; overall body strength and speed; ability to follow verbal and written instructions; ability to work under stressful conditions; detail-oriented

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