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Coach/Athletic Scout

Coaches work in many different sports to instruct and inspire their players. They usually work in a school's athletic team or in a league. They use what they know about both the sport and the players to help the team to perform its best. Coaches train players by making them do different exercises. They coordinate games and tournaments against other teams, and sometimes referee games.

Entry-level skills: A four year college degree is generally required unless applicant has specialized experience; ability to understand and communicate written and verbal instructions; specific training in sports, physical education and health; disciplined attitude.

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CPR and First Aid Training
American Red Cross-Southeastern Pennsylvania Region

Athletic Training
Certification information for high school students

National Athletic Trainers' Association Download the Accredited entry-level training programs listing (PDF)

Bachelor Degrees
Athletic Training, Exercise Training

Temple University
West Chester University of Pennsylvania-Sports Medicine

Occupational & Physical Therapy
Temple University-Occupational
Temple University-Physical
University of the Science in Philadelphia-Occupational & Physical

Physical & Health Education Teacher Education
Temple University


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