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Bus Driver

There are three different types of bus drivers: local bus drivers, charter bus drivers, and school bus drivers. Local bus drivers pick up people and bring them around town. Charter bus drivers transport people between cities, and so they may need to help passengers load and unload their luggage. School bus drivers bring students from home to school and then back. All bus drivers follow a route and a schedule. They also need to check the bus to make sure it is working well, and they need to be safe drivers.

If you obtain a Commercial Driving License (CDL), you may also be become eligible to drive very large vehicles such as trucks and diesels. This opens up an opportunity to move into transporting goods. There is always a demand for drivers with CDLs.

Entry-level skills: High school diploma or GED; special driver's license; good hand-eye coordination; ability to follow verbal and written instructions; knowledge of transportation and safety regulations

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